Colpo, Eades and black swans.

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There is a blogging battle going on. Dueling, are Anthony Colpo and Michael Eades. It seems Eades has Colpo cornered, and in the last round Eades pulled the «Popper’s black swan» card. Inspired the aged but beautiful writings of Popper, I thought of some other nice quotes fitting for the nutrition debate. Enjoy!

Here are some from T. Kuhn:

«No process yet disclosed by the historical study of scientific development at all resembles the methodological stereotype of falsification by direct comparison with nature.«

«They will devise numerous articulations and ad hoc modifications of their theory in order to eliminate any apparent conflict

«If any and every failure to fit were ground for theory rejection, all theories ought to be rejected at all times.«

«It makes a great deal of sense to ask which of two actual and competing theories fits the facts better.«

«… that the man who continues to resist after his whole profession has been converted has ‘ipso facto’ ceased to be a scientist.«

«…scientific training is not well designed to produce the man who will easily discover a fresh approach.«

And a last one from Popper quoting J. Black:

«A nice adaptation of conditions will make almost any hypothesis agree with the phenomena. This will please the imagination, but does not advance our knowledge.«

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