The As Good Health As Possible Diet

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Never eat more than you can lift

 – Miss Piggy 

I think some who decide to write a diet book, hope that it will be the diet book to end all diet books. The final solution. I also believe that most who publish diet books are more interested in earning quick bucks than putting a final end to obesity and poor health.

I do feel that there is no need for any more diet books. The multitude of diet books with different strategies serve only to confuse the masses. Books about nutrition are a different issue. The field of nutrition is scattered with holes of ignorance desperately needed to be filled by new knowledge.

Still, I would like there to be one diet book. One book that is constantly updated with new research. It would be The Diet Book. The book that made all other diet book superfluous. The go to place for everyone interested in achieving good health. The only book we would need.

It would not have to contain all aspects of nutrition, only the most important parts, and the parts we know for surest. It would also have to be understandable for most people, perhaps come in a simplified short version.

This vision is of course what governments are going for in making nutritional guidelines. Guidelines composed to give us as good health as possible and at the same time presented in an easy to understand form. The trouble is that national dietary guidelines will not get you close to optimal health. They can only improve your health if your diet is already complete crap.

The one book I’ve found that comes closest to being the diet book to end all other diet books is Perfect Health Diet. Had it replaced the official dietary guidelines we might actually be getting somewhere. The Perfect Health Diet book is not a perfect book, nor should it be. I think that some of the composition could be improved as well as the lay out and I would’ve liked to see some statements moderated, but content wise and information wise, Perfect Health Diet appear as a good first draft of a book with the potential to end the need for any more diet books.

I am excitedly looking forward to the second edition. In the meantime I will enjoy the Perfect Health Diet blog which today celebrate its one year anniversary.

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  1. Yup, it's become one of my #1 go-to books and blogs for diet and health. You're right, it's not perfect, but even the Jaminet's realize that and strive to continually improve their, and thus our understanding of the relationships between nutrition and health.


  2. Hi Pal,

    I'm still catching up on reading from my vacation, thanks so much for this review. You know I value your opinion so this is high praise.

    As you say, we're still learning and it's hard to be perfect. One of the great things about blogging and having an audience is there's feedback and we and our audience can learn together.

    Would be glad to hear any specific criticisms or suggested changes, I can put up errata if I'm persuaded.

    Best, Paul


  3. Welcome back Paul. I really think you are doing something very right with the PHD book and blog. You've certainly expanded my view a lot. I'm going to have to reread the book and come back to you with any suggestions. Noticed the errata section on the blog that I hadn't seen, which was great btw.

    I'm really hoping for a second edition in a few years time.


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