Listen to your body, but question its objectivity

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I’ve not much to say these days and I believe that when there’s nothing more to say, a good rule is to shut up.
Luckily there are others who still have working brains and who have something interesting to say. Also, shutting up and reading goes great together. I’ll finish up the Perfect Health Diet book, which so far is great. But all those skilled bloggers out there (the Jaminets included) make it difficult to find time for book reading.

Dr.Eades tells us not to listen to our body, or at least not act on what it tells you, in what might be a great new series.
Jamie reminds us that ingestion does not mean absorption. Although he’s talking about zink, the rule is general and worth remembering.
Stephan brought up a really interesting, but controversial aspect relating to overweight recently. Food reward. Paul and Emily, among others, keep the discussion going, and I’m looking forward to Stephans future reflections. 

Richard D. Feinman gives you a reason not to trust us Norwegians, which you shouldn’t (those socialist bastards).

Toms «wheat is murder» t-shirts are hilarious. 

Oh, and remember to always stop by Hyperlipid for some nerdy fun.

PS. Names are for clicking.

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